Mentally Preparing and Meal Planning

Tomorrow I begin my Whole30 month, so I have done some preparing in order to be sure I will succeed. First of all I read the Whole30 ‘bible’: It Starts With Food – by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig. The book has taught me some valuable information about the effects of what we eat. It is highly informative, and it also dives into the scientific and academic sides of our body and how it functions – what they call ‘the science-y stuff’. I learned a lot about our hormones, inflammation, and the benefits of a healthy diet. The information on systematic inflammation in the body was particularly interesting to me as it relates to my diagnose – rheumatoid arthritis.

Concerning meal planning you can find a lot on rules and guidance for meal planning and meal habits in the book and on their website. I have listed some of the most important ones which I will focus on:

  • Do not eat in front of the TV
  • Chew slowly and take time to enjoy the food
  • Eat three meals a day
  • Eat portions big enough to satisfy you until the next meal – i.e. don’t snack
  • Eat 15-75 minutes before a workout
  • Eat immediately following a workout
  • The proportions of the different foods for each meal is approximately:
    •  1-2 palm-sized protein sources
    • Fill the rest of the plate with vegetables
    • Occasionally add a serving of fruit
    • Add fat in the recommended amounts per meal

These are just the basic rules on meal planning. You can read more on Whole30’s official site here.

Tomorrow – on day 1 – I will create a detailed meal plan for the first week including meal preparation and shopping.

Thank you for reading!

// Charlotte


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