Day 1

2nd January 2017


Monday the 2nd of January was day 1 of my Whole30 month. I was nervous but mostly excited about it. I weight and measured myself in order to see what changes I will have gone through by the end of the 30 days. I have also included some before pictures in this post – I can’t wait to see and feel the differences of a clean, healthy diet!

Here are my numbers:

  • Weight: 82,5 kg
  • Waist: 89 cm
  • Stomach: 104 cm
  • Arms: 33 cm
  • Chest: 104 cm
  • Legs: 64 cm

I hope to loose some weight and to get a better skin – as you can see on the photo I have some blemished skin.


My preparations for this week have not been the best, therefore I have only planned the first three days. My plan is to make week-plans after that with prepping and shopping included in order to make it easier for myself.

Today’s three meals were :

Breakfast: Fried eggs, pointed cabbage with tomato, cucumber, and apple cider vinegar, an avocado, and an apple.

Lunch: A salad with┬álamb’s lettuce, cucumber, carrots, two hard-boiled eggs, and a handful of cashew nuts.

Dinner: Chicken with potato wedges, olive oil mayonnaise, pointed cabbage, spinach, and apple chunks.

How did it go?

I didn’t have the best first day. I was tired and not at all hungry all day, so lunch was a hurdle to get over. I slept most of the afternoon, and the tiredness continued all the way until evening. I went to sleep early in the hope of feeling better in the morning. But eating right was easy today, just as the timeline predicted. I can’t wait to begin to feel the changes.

Thanks for reading!

// Charlotte


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