Day 4

5th January 2017

Day four has come and gone and it went fine. I enjoyed a day at home where I just relaxed in front of the TV and did some food-prepping. Because I slept in today I only had two meals today, which is not ideal.


My two meals today were:

Brunch: Two chicken sausages, two fried eggs, broccoli, red bell pepper, grated beetroots and apple, coffee with homemade almond milk, and blueberries.

Dinner:  Two pork chops, grated carrots with oranges, broccoli with sesame seeds, red bell pepper, and baked beetroots and carrots.

How did it go?

I could definitely feel around dinner that I only had two meals today, but otherwise I had a great, relaxing day. In the evening I had time to get some things done and makes some plans before heading to bed early.
Today I also went to the gym and worked out – it felt great getting some exercise done. My plan is to schedule work out regularly through the rest of the period.

Thanks for reading!

// Charlotte


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