Day 7

8th January 2017

Angry and Tired – A Lethal Combination

Oh dear – my mood did not improve very much today. I was even more tired than I was yesterday. Right now, day 31 seems very far far away. *sigh*


Breakfast: Two sausages, two fried eggs, leftover salad, blueberries, half an avocado, apple, and a banana.

Lunch: Salmon fillet, broccoli, sesame seeds, and homemade pesto.

Dinner: Lamb and beef meatballs, sweet potato wedges, pointed cabbage, apple chunks, roasted almonds, grated cucumber, and homemade guacamole.

How did it go?

Today was tough. Toughest day yet, actually. I was pissed and tired and I didn’t feel like having any of the food I had planned to make. I had no energy, I missed all the non-compliant things, and the tiniest things just threw my temper way off! Luckily it got a little bit better after dinner, as I prepped some food for the next week. Being productive helped a bit apparently. Tomorrow I have to go to work, so I hope that will get my mind off of things.

Thanks for reading!

// Charlotte


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