Day 19

20th January 2017 

A New Kind of Friday Night

Third weekend of the Whole30 month is coming up. I spent day 19 at home doing some practical stuff and preparing for resisting that glass of red wine.


Brunch: Scrambled eggs, sausages, half an avocado, cucumber, bell pepper, and a carrot.

Dinner: “Hamburgers” with a rösti bottom, a meat patty, salad, homemade guacamole, and a portobelle mushroom top, potatos, lamb’s lettuce, pine nuts, bell peppers, and cucumber.

Game night snack: Tea with almond milk and fresh strawberries.

How did it go?

Dinner was amazing today! I really liked the combination of potatoes, meat patty, and portobello mushroom! Definitely recommend trying it! Otherwise I was a bit tired again, so I ended up napping… again. This is getting old, so I have to look at the amount of iron and caffeine I get, maybe that’s the answer to my tiredness. Disclaimer: I didn’t come up with this myself, someone commented on day 18 that I should try eating more iron, so thank you for that!
We stayed in tonight with board games and tea, and it was actually really nice! I like how I’m slowly changing habits and my view of what equals a ‘good time’! I don’t need alcohol, or unhealthy snacks, or sugar to have a good time. Changing food relationships here – yes!

Thanks for reading!

// Charlotte


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