Day 21

22nd January 2017


Today I was meeting with some friends at a café for coffee. We talked for several hours and it was nice, plus several of them have also experimented with different kind of diets like anti-inflammatory food etc. Otherwise a quiet sunday. Only one picture today – sorry, I forgot to take a picture at brunch.


Brunch: Fried eggs, bacon, sausages, salad, cucumber, carrots, and coffee with almond milk.

Dinner: Tenderloin with tomato sauce, bacon, potato mash, cauliflower, cucumber, and cashew nuts.

Dinner / Meal 2

How did it go?

It was a kind of slow day today. Though it was really nice to talk to some other people who have tried similar diets like Whole30 or at least are aware of the health benefits of this kind of eating.

Thanks for reading!

// Charlotte


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