Day 22

23rd January 2017

Mondays & Exam Preparations

This week I have an oral exam. It’s the last exam on my Master’s, and after that I only have my Master Thesis. It’s weird that 5 years have almost gone by. But today I have to prepare for the oral exam and I DON’T WANT TO…


Breakfast: Two fried eggs, sausages, cauliflower, cucumber, cashew nuts, blueberries, and coffee with almond milk.

Dinner: Chicken ‘nuggets’ in almond flour, homemade mayo with herbs, potato wedgets, kale, cucumber, blueberries, and half an avocado.

How did it go?

Exams suck. Preparing and reading was all I did all day. Very interesting and fulfilling *sarcasm alert*.
But I did some yoga before heading to bed – it’s really nice to do before bed for a more relaxing feeling.

Thanks for reading!

// Charlotte


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