Tour de Chambre

I have participated in many Tour de Chambre events over the years and I have witness all kinds of crazy and funny things. Therefore I thought I would make a post to serve as an inspiration for people who need ideas for their own theme party or Tour de Chambre event.

If you don’t know what Tour de Chambre is: Tour de Chambre means literally “room tour”, and it is an event where all the participants choose a theme and decorate their room or apartment. All participants then go around and visits every room or apartment on turn. The rules are that you choose an overall theme, serve a drink and/or snack, and come up with a game, a competition, or just any kind of entertainment. It all has to fit into your chosen theme.

Themes I have done / been part of:

  • Christmas Theme: We decorated the room with loads of home made christmas decorations, and we decorated a plant as a christmas tree. We served a classic Danish christimas drink called glögg, and when people arrived, we had turned all the lights out and then we walked around the room signing “Santa Lucia” – a Danish christmas tradition.
  • Indian theme (Native American): We had drums, a smoking pipe, some costumes and homemade head bands with a feather in it. We served “fire water” made of vodka and rasberry soda, and for the entertainment we played a cardgame of our own invention.
  • Rubber Duck theme: My mum has a ton of different rubber ducks (don’t ask me why!), so my friend and I decided to make it into a theme. We decorated the room with all the ducks and served vodka and pineapple soda in a pitcher shaped like a duck. We made up three competitions. The first one was a quiz about ducks, the second was a duck-throwing competition, and the last one was a duck-fishing game, where you had to fish up ducks from a bowl of water.
  • Arabian Night theme: For this theme we were allowed to choose the terrace instead of an indoor room, so we decorated it with a ton of candles and fairly lights, and then we lit a hookah and dressed up as a sultan and his wife. The others had to dress up i colourful robes and a lot of jewelry, and then they were allowed an audience with the sultan. We served a homemade drink of Moroccan mint leaves, sugar, lime, and gin. The game was that they all had to do a belly dance and the best one won.
  • Fitness theme: I was alone in doing this theme. I dressed up as a male fitness dude with a man bun, lots of beard (eyeliner), and I bought fake sleeves (tattoos) and wore fitness clothes. I decorated the room with fitness gear and loads of pictures of Arnold Schwarzenegger and other body builders. They drank white russians from a protein shaker, and the game was a race around the house.
  • Harry Potter theme: This was probably the most extensive and the most fun theme I have ever done. We started at our place so it included dinner before we were visiting the others. We had decorated our living room with a ton of stuff. In the hall I had placed a lot of witches hats and wands (twigs from the forrest), candy from Honeydukes (I printed out the logo and put it on the candy), and gold from Gringotts (chocolate gold coins). Then we had put up a sheet, where we had painted red bricks and cut it in the middle. They had to walk through it to get to the living room. I had put all sorts of things in the living room, for instance Dumbledore’s pensieve, and covered part of our book case with a black see-through piece of fabric and written “Restricted Section” over it.
    Then they were divided into houses (we had a special sorting hat). Then they got a drink that matched the colour of their respectively houses. Before dinner they had a test in Magical History (a quiz on Harry Potter) and they were of course divided into houses and answering for them. At dinner we served a roast with green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy. We had put up a paper where we had drawn four hour glasses. If they were tardy, spilled something, or something like that we subtracted points from the House points. However, if they helped with cleaning up, fetched us beers, and whoever found the snitch, would win points.
    After dinner we had a Quidditch tournement (beer pong), and we had placed three homemade rings in the middle of the table. If you could throw a ball through one of the rings and still hit a cup, then that teams had to drink two cups!
  • Donald Trump theme: Everyone got a Trump-mask I had made myself from funny pictures from the internet (there is a LOT to choose from), and then I decorated the living room with a lot of American flags, banner saying “Make America Great Again” and funny quotes from Trump. We served Budweiser in Red Cups and listened to Christian Rock Music. The game was to throw “Mexicans” over a wall and hit different containers – the smaller the container the more points it gave.

Themes I have witnessed:

  • Cuban theme
  • Sweet Sixteen theme
  • Paradise Hotel theme
  • Alien theme
  • Hippie theme
  • Sidney Lee theme (Danish reality character)
  • Swedish theme
  • Cave Man theme
  • Russian theme
  • “Dølle Fjælle Musse” Ladies Lunch theme (Danish festival)
  • Mystery / Murder theme
  • Grandma theme
  • Oscar Night theme
  • Fruit theme
  • Children’s Birthday theme
  • Chinco de Mayo theme
  • Arabian / Aladdin theme
  • Bird theme
  • German theme
  • Horror theme
  • Oktoberfest theme
  • Greek theme

Here are some photos from some of the different themes!

Hope you feel inspired to plan your own Tour de Chambre or theme party! If you have any questions about some of the themes, just ask!

Thanks for reading!

// Charlotte


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